Saturday, August 9, 2008

Holy Shite: Bellowing Ark Update

Can I get a quick "Holy Shite" from the world? An email from Bellowing Ark's editor just informed me that he'd like a bevy of those solicited non-Lilith poems for a future issue of Bellowing Ark, as well as some more of the Lilith pieces to round out the selection of my pieces that will comprise the "Featured Poet" spread in the upcoming issue.

Forgive me while I do the Big Yee Haw Funky Publishing Dance of the Poet. *does ridiculously unflattering and un-coordinated body-jerking dance*


So yes, Bellowing Ark will be publishing a great deal of my poetry. The titles accepted last time around were "God in my Throat," "Retrieval," "The Book," "Drawing Board," and "Original Sin" - all pieces from the Lilith collection (which I've tentatively titled God in my Throat). This time, the editor has chosen (from my non-Lilith selections) "I Want a Man," "Ice Storm," "July Night in Hoptown" and "Flash in the Pan." These are, except for "Ice Storm," all pieces from my first semester when I was working with Jeanie Thompson, and she has to get credit for taking these from the pretty rough places where they started to the nicely revised, publishable pieces that I'm really proud of. "Ice Storm" I have to thank Greg Pape and the folks in my second residency workshop for helping me revise - their feedback and suggestions were very helpful.My faculty mentor-poets and my writerly colleagues (both students and non-students) have really been an invaluable resource in helping me refine my work.

Expect a post soon on my opinion on the value of the MFA in Creative Writing - it's a hotly debated topic with a lot of naysayers, and being the opinionated minx that I am, I'm darn well going to have my say about it. As soon as I know which Lilith pieces will round out my "Featured" section in Bellowing Ark, I'll post on that, too. (Is it inappropriate to promise an editor a big wet kiss if they've already accepted your work?)


Infosciphi said...

OMG Holy Shee-ite! I am so proud of you! And happy that this is coming together for you. See, all the sacrifices and stress is bing returned in much deserved accolades from publishers. I'm honored to be your friend. :-) You inspire me.


Colleen said...

Thanks, Chadwick :) Feels good! It goes both ways - your writing inspires me, as well.

Drew said...

Who rocks? YOU!
That's super awesome. You deserve every second of the ensuing glory. Live it up and don't stop!

Colleen said...

Drew - I like the sound of that: "ensuing glory." I gotta get me some :)

Allison said...

CONGRATULATIONS Miss Featured Poet! What an amazing breakthrough!