Friday, December 5, 2008

Mellifluous Tones (or not): WUTC Interview

Well, Mike Miller had me in this past Monday to interview for WUTC's Around and About feature on the local Chattanooga radio. I missed the airing of it because I was working the reference desk, but am happy that Mike came over to give me the file. We talked about poetry, the writing process, the revising process, various bits and pieces. We talked for quite awhile (Mike is also a writer, though I think he usually works with fiction), but he edited my ramblings admirably (though he couldn't do much about altering my voice to make me sound less like a lumberjack with a sinus infection).

Because I don't actually have hosting anywhere (LibrarianFAIL - I'm working on it, once I get moved), my favorite systems dude, InfoSciPhi has set me up so I can share the audio file with the masses.
You can listen to the interview here - if you click the link, it'll open in your media player or in a browser tab and play, but you can also right click and download the file. It's about six minutes long, and I do hope you enjoy it!


Lauren Young said...

Very interesting. Kudos! That's a huge accomplishment for a poet! Woo-Hoo!

Brandy said...

Colleen! You don't sound like a lumberjack to me! Congrats!! Will you write about the Big Mean Green next? :)

Colleen said...

Thanks, guys :) OMG Brandy, I should write on the Big Mean Green. I may do that this weekend instead of being productive in other avenues!