Sunday, February 21, 2010

Busy 2010

February is not even over yet, and already it is a busy 2010!


From my creative thesis, the poems "Challenger," "Bud Vase", "Copper in Fire","Gift Shop, Museum of Natural History", "Carving Your Name" and "Coleman Canoe" have all received acceptances for a future issue of Bellowing Ark and Penguin Review. I am particularly excited to report that out of my newest unpublished manuscript, The Green of Breakable Things, the poem "Fishing" will appear in Third Wednesday, and poems "The Ant" and "Clearing Weeds from Daddy's Grave", will appear in a future issue of Bellowing Ark. Another poem which is a favorite of mine, "Star Inside the Apple", will appear in Orange Coast College Review.

In non-fiction, my book chapters “Millenials, Gen-X, Gen-Y, and Boomers, Oh My! Managing Multiple Generations in the Library” and “Management Tips for Merging Multiple Service Points” will appear in the book Library Management Tips That Work edited by Carol Smallwood, to be published by the American Library Association in 2010. Another two book chapters, “Low- and No-Cost Development Opportunities for Librarians” and “Managing Staff Stress During Budget Crises: Lessons for Library Managers” ( the second co-written with Mary Chimato) are forthcoming in the book Surviving and Thriving in the Recession: A How-to-Do-It Manual for Librarians, also edited by Carol Smallwood and expected to be published by Neal-Schuman in 2010.

New Employment

On the job front, I've accepted a professorship at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, where I will work as Head of the library's Access Services department as of May 2010. I'll be applying for the EdD program there, am hoping to take workshop classes with poets Earl Braggs ad Rick Jackson, and am hoping to be able to adjunct in the English department. (Maybe not all of that at once, though.) I'm excited to be returning to UTC, where I worked as a reference & instruction librarian from 2007-2008. There is, however, quite a bit of work left to do at NCSU (not to mention packing up the apartment), so I am trying not to get ahead of myself.


Random things: I have been feeling very tired and run-down the past few weeks. In addition to a nasty sinus infection that simply won't go away (going on 9 weeks now), I do believe I've overcommitted. Too late to do anything about it now, but I will be better about volunteering for deadlined items in the future. In fact, I may turn down the fire on nonfiction library writing a bit after the book I committed to write is complete, and for librarystuff, tell myself that 2 articles/book chapters and 2 presentations a year is a fine momentum. Given that UTC is building as new library and taking on all the challenges that come with that, if I hit even those numbers, I'll be pleased. I'm looking forward to seeing my old personal trainer and getting myself back to the gym seriously the way I did when last in TN - I need to take better care of myself. I also plan to set aside home-time and space for serious creative writing once the library book is written (September).

Another random note; I am looking forward to hanging up my gypsy gear with the move to Chattanooga. Aside from moving to college in 1997 and the two moves a year in college, I moved in: 2001 (twice: to NY and then to GA), 2002 (twice: switched apartments), 2003 (moved to Kentucky), 2004 (moved from apartment into house with roomies), 2007 (twice: to NY then to TN), 2009 (from TN to NC). I am looking forward to being in one place for quite awhile. If all goes well, my next move won't be until 2013 or 14, and that will be from an apartment into a house, but in the same locale. *crosses fingers*

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