Friday, June 25, 2010

Read Pieces from These Terrible Sacraments, and More Publication News!

For those of you interested in a taste of what These Terrible Sacraments looks like, you can read four poems from the forthcoming collection online at Public-Republic:
"Patrick Speaks of Wealth"
"Doubting Thomas"
"This Poem Takes Liberties"
"Language Lessons"

Two more poems, "These Terrible Sacraments" and "The Postscript She Doesn't Write" will appear in Minnetonka Review. The poem "Violet Petals", a poem from the unpublished book manuscriptThe Kentucky Vein, will appear in volume 3 of Hawk & Whippoorwill.


Joy Palakkal said...

Nice Blog..
With All Best Wishes..

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

I read them. They are stunning, brilliant, wonderful and (despite the theme) beautiful.

Colleen said...

@Joy, Thank you for the comment! I am enjoying reading your blog as well. @Rosemary - thank you very much for reading them :) This collection is close to my heart, and I hope everyone enjoys it!