Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Letter to my Sister Jezebel

Thanks to the kind words of a friend who provided some feedback on a couple of poems ("For my Unborn Sons" and "For my Unborn Daughters"), I now have Lilith on the brain. You know, Lilith, demon-lady of legend who was Adam's original wife? (All you devout Catholics, cover your ears while the heathens discuss.) Oh yes, according to legend, Adam's first wife was created from earth just as Adam himself was. When the uppity b*tch claimed to be his equal, he ran to God and expressed his dismay. Lilith was schlepped out to the desert (and subsequently turned into a baby-stealing demon by the bookwriters) to make room for the more subservient Eve.

If you know me, you can see why a mention of writing from Lilith's perspective is something I would find attractive. *grin* Anyway, this has a whole new idea stewing in my brain (which hardly has space for new ideas, so some not-so-great ideas have been abandoned to the ether). Hm, writing from Lilith's perspective. The idea fascinates me. I do believe I'm going to give it a shot. I had posted here "A Letter to my Sister Jezebel," but I deleted it while I wrangle with it in the revision stage. I tend to suffer from the plague of trying to tell too much story in a single poem - working on that!

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