Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Acceptances!

"Disobedience" has been published in volume 5, issue 1 of kaleidowhirl, and is available for public consumption and critique here. Now that it's out I can see a hundred revisions I'd like to make, but I did consider it a personal success, since I rarely like to work in a rhyme scheme.

Quiddity Literary Journal has accepted two poems, "Wavewalk" and "Flagrant" for their inaugural print issue coming out this spring, and I am ecstatic to have placed two pieces in a single publication.

Appalachian Heritage, another print journal, has accepted my poem "Dinner for One," which will appear in the Spring 2008 issue. I'm tickled to place a piece in a Kentucky-based journal, since I spent so many years in the state and still consider it home.

Most of my other submissions have been rejected, though there are a handful I'm still waiting to hear from. It's past time I sent out another spate of submissions, but I've been too exhausted lately, and busy keeping caught up on MFA work. Librarian-type stuff has been keeping me quite busy, and I've got the Meacham Writers' Conference this weekend, but perhaps next weekend I can dedicate solely to writing and sending out submissions. I'm actually quite proud of some of my more recent pieces, and am hoping to place them in good journals.

Anyway, that's the good news for now. I've been so tired that my happy dance has worn off, but when I stop to remember these, I still smile. Yay, publishing! Now, who wants to make me an offer for my chapbooks?


Drew said...

woohoo! That's awesome!

Pat said...

What a wonderful poem! I'm not a critic or even much of a poetry connoisseur. What I like about it is that the strong message is not couched in flowery obfuscating language, and yet it's not so concise and packed with nuance that I have to stop and ponder each word to get any meaning out of it at all. (And the fact that you describe eating ice cream out of the carton as a "bold" act is priceless!) Congrats on getting published! You deserve it!

Colleen said...

Thanks, all! Pat, I have to admit, I'm not much for obscure poetry (though I do like the occasional flowery turn of phrase). I'm a poetry snob, but in the sense that if it's deliberately obtuse, I'm not interested. I don't read poetry where the author revels in how much smarter they are than I am, I read poetry to be touched, somehow :)