Thursday, July 31, 2008

Of Love and Loyalty

Reading Merwin had me wanting to play around with the long line, since I ordinarily despise it so much. This is more of an exercise than a poem I'm planning to keep in the collection, though I *am* interested in comparisons between God's children: Lilith, Adam, Eve, the Jews, Jesus. Heh, given that sort of company, no wonder Lilith feels like an outcast.

Of Love and Loyalty

Edit: Poem removed due to pending publication


Drew said...

I think the long lines here really add a lot of reflective depth to Lilith...showing yet another facet to her character. I definitely think you're onto something with this. Keep it up!

Colleen said...

Thanks, Drew! I may try for a few more with the long line - it's a little like mental exercise for me since I'm so accustomed to using the shorter line. Nothing like stretching into uncomfortable spaces!