Friday, April 11, 2008

descant Acceptance!

I check my mailbox everyday with a combination of trepidation and excitement. I know, given my knowledge of statistics (shaky and old, but there) that if I get an envelope back from a publisher, it is likely a rejection, mostly because most of my acceptance notes have come via email. But yesterday I received a letter - via post - from descant, accepting my poem "If I Had Been Born Your Son." Thrilled does not even begin to cover it. descant only publishes one issue per year. The editor's letter said that out of over 4000 submissions, they print about 40. Which means that my piece made it into the 1% they chose to publish this go-round. (The one formula I remember is "is/of=%/100." Ms. Edelstein, my high school math teacher, would be proud!) Please excuse me while I get naked and do my happy dance.


Ahem. Anyway, back to checking the mail. Editor Kuhne of descant has single-handedly made checking my mail more fun, now that I know that my SASEs can hold acceptances and not just rejections. Thank you, kind sir, for your good taste!

Now, if you all will excuse, me, I need to send "thankss but no thanks" notes to the publishers of a few other journals where I simultaneously submitted that piece. *grin* Nothing like letting people know you're popular. I do wonder if letting them know of an acceptance elsewhere makes your manuscript more valuable to them...

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Anonymous said...

You rock! sashay away!

I'm looking forward to reading the piece -- I love the title!