Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sow's Ears and Silk Purses

Happiness! One of my recent poems that I'm actually really pleased with has just found a home at the Sow's Ear Poetry Review. As soon as I hear which issue "Wife at the Parole Hearing" will show up in, I'll be sure to post it. I'm particularly pleased with this placement for a number of reasons. First, Sow's Ear is a print publication, which is what I'm trying to restrict my submissions to at this point. It also has a pretty good reputation from what I can glean from fellow writers. Either way, I'm happy. Also, the turnaround time was less than two weeks (no, really. I swear), which is all but unheard of. That, and the editors and readers really went through the poem carefully, in detail, and had some great suggestions for edits. It was a lot like being workshopped from afar *grin*

I'm also happy because *I* get to send rejection letters to some editors. That's right - the tables have been turned! I haven't yet had the chance to do that with a simultaneous submission, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. That's right, slower-to-respond lit journals. I'll have to remove that one from your consideration, because someone else snatched up my goodies. You had better take a look at the rest of the pieces I sent you before they get scooped up, too...

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Drew said...

Wooo. That rocks.